We all know that there are a lot of things to consider when buying a new Bidet, and it can get overwhelming especially when you are new.  Look no further, we are here to help your purchase of Bidet with ease. You can learn more and find out which Bidet is the best for you by reading the guide below.


First, when considering a bidet, you might need to consider the bidet price, while at the same time factoring in the cost saving and cost of using a bidet, we have it break down for you below:

Bidet Cost: American uses about 36.5 million rolls of toilet paper a year, which is about 50% more than the Europeans. The average American uses about 10 rolls of toilet paper per month (120 rolls for a year).  For a family of 4, it adds up to about 500 rolls of toilet paper a year, which estimated to be about US$0.7 x 500 rolls = US$350.  If using Bidet can reduce a family’s toilet paper consumption by 80%, then the cost of saving on the toilet paper per year is US$280/year.

Electricity Cost: While consider the cost of using a bidet, you will also need to consider the electricity cost.  The cost of running a high-end bidet with Seat Warmer and the Water Temperature warmer for a family of 4 will cost on average about US$5 per month, which is about US$60 per year.  Many bidets come with Power Saving mode function which will turn off the power during low usage.  It could save up to 50-60% of the electricity cost by reducing the cost per year to about US$24-US$30/year.

Water Cost: Bidet toilet seats Nozzle washer use a small aerated stream which brings the flow to about 0.5 liters (0.13 gallon)/minute for a 1 minute wash. The average national cost of for every gallon of water is about US$0.002, the annual water cost of a bidet toilet seat for a family of 4 is about US$6-US$8/year.

Most of the quality bidets toilet seats that we carry can be used over long term with the warranty given and with a life span of the cost over 10 years. After you figure out the cost saving of using a bidet, then you will need to consider the functions that you need and the features that you want.

Integrated Bidet Toilet Combo vs Bidet Seats

Integrated bidet toilet is a one piece freestanding toilet with the built in bidet function while Bidet Seat is installed into your existing toilet.  While our bidet seats might not fit all toilets, the integrated bidet toilet combo will not have this issue.

The Integrated bidet toilet are perfect for you whether you are looking for a new toilet, building a new home or renovating a bathroom.  The integrated bidet toilet only requires to plug into the electric outlet.

The integrated bidet toilet combo is an amazing luxury item for any bathroom. It is luxurious modern, compact and stylish that takes any bathroom to the top level.  The demand for the integrated bidet has been on the rise over the past couple years.  Integrated bidet toilet is an amazing product only if it fits your budget. However, if it is not within your budget or barely fits, one of our other electronic bidet seats may suit your needs and provide all the functions just as well.

The installation of the bidet seat is rather simple, after removing your old toilet seat, then install the new bidet seat by connecting the water line and plug in the electric outlet(for electric bidet), the process is simple and easy, which can take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Remote Control Panel vs Side Panel

Most of the bidet seats are either controlled by a wireless remote control or a one piece design side control panel.  About 90% of the bidets have wireless remote control.  Wireless remote control provides users easy access to all the cleansing buttons without having to leaning your body forward to push the buttons in the side panel.

From the aesthetic point of view, many people prefer to have the remote control panel because of its appearance without the panel extending from the side.

As for cleansing purpose, it is much easier to both cleaning the bidet and the wireless remote control separately.

Though the remote control panel is convenience to use, it is preferred to be mounting in the wall to avoid misplacement or lost especially if you have elderly or kids at home which provide easy access.

Aesthetic, Compatibility and Fitting (Elongated or Round)

In bidetliving.com, we carry many different quality and trusted brand, and many created their own designs that are favored by different people. But one of the two most important factors to consider when choosing a bidet seat will be the color and also the shape of your existing toilet.  The colors of the bidet mostly come in either white or beige for your liking.  While the shape of the bidet seat will be mostly elongated or round, whichever that will fit your existing toilet.  Please read more about the bidet sizing guide.


As we know that temperature is just as important as the bidet function itself especially in the colder months during the winter time.  Bidet seats do have many temperature options include the heated seat, warm water, and temperature adjustment options

Heated Seat: Heated seat provide a comfortable warm seating during the winter months. It provides a warm touch for you to finish the business.

Heated Water: The bidet water can be heated via two methods, some model connect directly to a water line, while others will have their own mini tank that hold water for heating.  The latter does provide instant warmth as opposed to a slight delay in heating water from the water line.  Some models also provide adjustable water temperature of the bidet water to suit different weather conditions.

Wash Features

Feminine Wash: All of our Bidet products come with the basic posterior basic wash, and the feminine nozzle position option is the most common upgrade. Feminine wash is a bidet feature that simply adjusts the nozzle angle, so that it moves from pointing towards the rear of the seat for the posterior to a few inches forward for women.

Enema function: It is a unique feature offered in some of our electric bidet models. This feature does not take the place of a doctor prescribed enema, but is often used for conditions like hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. This option is designed to give a gentle and swirling massage to relax the anus before a bowel movement.

Others: Other Wash features that you might want to consider when purchasing the bidets include, but not limited to the massage cleaning, water pulse pressure adjustment(provides effective cleaning for any solid matter), oscillating cleaning(cover a wider cleansing areas) and maximum water volume (which runs from 0.4L to 0.7L) for your liking.


The Nozzle factor is an important hygienic factor when it comes to choosing a bidet.

Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel nozzles are more resistant to bacteria as there are no pores or cracks which may allow dirt or bacteria to get into hard to clean areas. There are nozzles made of silver iodide, which is another material that is resistant to bacteria, making these nozzles a much cleaner choice than the plastic nozzle. .

Self-Cleaning Nozzle: Another bidet nozzle feature that improves hygiene is nozzle self-cleaning sterilization. There are a small number of models that use different methods for nozzle self-cleaning sterilization feature. You will love this feature as the main purpose of buying a bidet is to keep us clean and we all want our bathroom to be clean and hygienic.

Spray with Adjustment: This is a less common feature but some higher end bidets will have it. This is the ability to change the spray width coming out of the nozzle. It isn’t an extremely important feature but it is a bonus to have.

Others: Other Wash features that you might want to consider when purchasing the bidets include, but not limited to the massage cleaning, water pulse pressure adjustment(provides effective cleaning for any solid matter), oscillating cleaning(cover a wider cleansing areas) and maximum water volume (which runs from 0.4L to 0.7L) for your liking.

Additional Features

The additional features that you might want to consider when purchasing the bidets include, but not limited to the Air Dryer, Deodorizer, Seat Sensor, Automatic Lid Open, Night Light, User Preset, and Energy Saving function for a more economic run in the long term.


If you’re making a significant purchase then you want it to last. Nothing is more reassuring than an extended warranty. Some bidets do not have any warranty, but the higher priced electrical bidets usually do offer some type of warranty. Some might have an added warranty for purchase.  Warranties may range from one to five years. While some warranties have full coverage, others only provide limited coverage after the first year.