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To place an order online, go to our website and choose the perfect bidet product and place a secure order online by simply liand we will ship them directly to you. From the secure checkout page you’ll see your item description. Delivery times vary according to your selected delivery address, availability of your items and the time of day you place your order. Our eCommerce store open and accept order 24 x 7. If you have questions about ordering, you can give us a call us and our customer services representatives are more than happy to assist you.

Order By phone

To place order by phone, please give us a call and our customer services representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

A tracking number is emailed to you once your unit has been shipped.  Your order tracking number is also available online under Your Account. And you can simply track the status of your order by going to the Order Tracking page and input your order number and your billing email address.

We are located in Delaware and do not charge sales tax. This can save you hundreds of dollars compared to ordering elsewhere.

An order confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address you provide us for each order you submit. We recommend that you print and save the e-mail confirmation for your records. Please be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly to ensure that you receive your order confirmation.

We want you to be 100% satisfy with your purchase.  Most orders are processed immediately.  In case you would like to cancel a pre-ship order, we will do what we can to cancel your order before the unit ships, however there is no guarantee that we can cancel your order after it is shipped.  You can cancel your order for a backordered item until the day the item ships.  To cancel your order, please contact us immediately via email at cs@bidetliving.com for cancellation.   Once the order has shipped, it is subject to our 30-Day Return Policy, please read more about our 30 days return policy here.

Please complete a Customer Service Form, choose Return and supply the following information:

Date received

Order Number

Describe damage to outer packaging

Describe damage to inner packaging

Condition of damaged items: Dented, bent, torn, cracked, crushed, puncture hole, wet, scratched

How was the package sealed? Tape, glue, nails, staples, straps/band

What material was used for packing: air bags, bubble wrap, corrugated, double boxed, foam, loose fill, paper, peanuts.

Please contact your local carrier (UPS, FedEx) immediately if the order tracking detail displays delivered but you have not received the package or you have not received all your packages under one tracking number.

FedEx: 800-463-3339

UPS: 800-742-5877

Sometimes, we ship our products from different warehouse located nationwide depends on location and availability, so the same order might have different tracking numbers and if you have questions about your order, feel free to send us a email at cs@bidetliving.com

We will email you the receipt after your order has been delivered and your receipt can also be found by logging into Your Account page on our website.


Yes, there’s a very good chance the bidet of your choice will fit your toilet. Bidet toilet seats were designed with a universal design in order to fit as many toilets as possible.  If you want to know for certain, please visit our Bidet Fitting Guide page. If you’re still not sure, please email us at cs@bidetliving.com

Yes, all electronic bidet seats have built-in safety features such as thermal fuses and high temperature sensor switches. In addition, bidet seats are made out of high impact plastic that do not conduct electricity and have built in ground protection. All of our bidet seats are UL approved. Also, most bidets have adjustable water pressure which is helpful in cases of sever inflammation and sensitivity.

No, the bidet toilet seats are designed with you, the do-it-yourself concept in mind.  You can simply watch this video and it is really applicable to virtually all bidet seats. As you will see, you’ll be done in no time.

All of our bidets can easily installed by the homeowner. You will need an electrical GFCI outlet near the toilet if you are buying an electric bidet. The seat is compatible with any 120V outlet. If renovating your bathroom and installing a new plug, a GFCI outlet is recommended (these are the common bathroom outlets with the ‘reset’ and ‘test’ features on them). Please ensure that you comply with all local and state building code requirements. The power cord on the electric bidets range from 3.5 to 4 feet.

On average, bidets cost only a few dollars per week for a family of 4 usage. With state of the art built in energy saving functions, the bidets are ‘sleeping’ until you sit down and the sensors wake it up. The result is very little energy used to operate an electric bidet.

For electric bidet seats, they are designed to heat the water themselves. All that is needed is a cold water supply and the “T-connection” which will come with your shipment.  For non-electric models, you may need need to attach to the hot water line from the sink.  Keep in mind, the first initial spray maybe cold from the water that is already in the line before the warm water reaches the nozzles.

Absolutely, you have complete control over temperature and pressure.  High-end bidet toilet seats allow selection of vibrating and pulsating jets of water, claimed by manufacturers to be beneficial for constipation and hemorrhoids.

Of course you will, because you will substantially cut down on how much toilet paper you use. As a result, fewer trees will need to be cut down.  Using bidet reduces your toilet paper consumption by 75-100%.  For more information, read this article on how toilet paper affects the environment and the eco-friendly benefits if provides.

Yes! After using toilet paper, you leave a residue behind (no pun intended) and that can irritate your sensitive skin down there. Lots of people experience immediate relief form itching, bleeding, hemorrhoids and post-operative care for surgery in that sensitive area.

Women will really appreciate the bidet with female issues, during periods and after childbirth.

When you have stomach problems or diarrhea, you will really love the fact you don’t need to use toilet paper after making many repeat trips to the bathroom.

Product Manuals can be found on the product page of each bidet in the “DOWNLOADS” section.

Tech Specs can be found on the product page of each bidet in the “DOWNLOADS” section.

First make sure you unplug it from the electrical outlet. Then you should use a solution of warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Avoid using alcohols and bleaches as this can cause damage to the bidet seat which is not covered under the warranty. Additional disinfection power can be attained by adding a small amount of white vinegar to your soap and water solution.

The nozzle does not actually touch the body of the user. The nozzle is self-cleaning and cleans itself before and after operation.

Due to federal regulations and bidet being hygienic devices, any bidet installed or used cannot be returned for a refund. Please review our return policy page for more information. If you have a unique toilet, it is ideal to make sure the bidet fits your toilet. Use our “Will It Fit?” page, and even email us pictures of your toilet if you need. We pride ourselves on our amazing customer service. If you have any issues after the purchase of your bidet, please contact us immediately by sending us a email at cs@bidetliving.com or fill out the Customer Service Form.


The bidets listed on our website all carry a warranty. Warranties range from one year to three years, depending on the brand an model. The manufacturers and ourselves stand behind the products we carry. All bidets are UL certified. UL certification requires extensive testing to verify quality and durability. Our bidets are made to last. If you have any possible issues, please contact us immediately, and we will help resolve your issue.

Some manufacturers require customers to register their products. For more information, please go to the Brand Warranty information page.


We provide free standard shipping to lower 48 US states.  Free Shipping only applies to delivery locations accessible by economy ground transport. Shipping outside of the lower 48 states will have shipping fees and any other fee’s/taxes required added.

Also, there are certain areas that have limited access due to their geographic location. Places such as islands, mountain residences, or lairs located in volcanoes. Our delivery teams may not be able to deliver, or may charge an additional fee for the delivery. If you feel that your delivery location is in one of these areas, let us know, and we’ll check for you.

No, we do not ship to US Post Office Box addresses. Neither UPS, FedEx or other major carriers will ship to a PO Box address. Your order will not be processed.

Our standard ground and express shipping carriers are UPS or FedEx or USPS. For certain orders where the unit size exceeds UPS or FedEx requirements, we will use other carriers such as Airborne and Freight trucking companies.

Orders are processed, shipped and delivered during regular business hours Monday through Friday – holidays are excluded. Your order will take approximately 1 to 3 business days to process depending on the order size and product type and manufacturer, and delivery time varies between 3-8 business days. Custom order might take up to 5-20 days of order. Please check out our shipping section for more information.  Once your order has shipped, a tracking number will be emailed to you so that you can track your package. An estimated arrival date is available on most UPS and FedEx tracking sites.

You can get immediate assistance regarding the status of your order by emailing support@bidetliving.com or give us a call.

For multiple items, your packages may arrive separately, as they may be shipped from different warehouses. If you have question in regarding to your order, please feel free to follow up with us at support@airpurifierliving.com

You will receive an email from us as soon as your order ships along with a tracking number so you can follow it right to your door. Your order tracking number is also available online under Your Account. And you can simply track the status of your order by going to the Order Tracking page and input your order number and your billing email address.


We accept multiple forms of payment to fit most needs. Below are our current methods we accept payments for orders:

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express – Card must have a billing address that can be verified through your issuing card company. (Online & Phone)
  • We partner with Paypal Credit to provide flexible payment option so you can get your air purifier now and pay flexibly over 6 months.  Please check out our Product Financing page for more information.

There is no sales tax for your order for US orders.  If we ship to a California address and you order a product that is shipped directly by a California manufacturer or from a warehouse in California, we are required to collect California sales tax for the product.

Please specify products/part numbers and quantities through our Customer Contact Form and we will try our best to offer you the best possible price based on the products requested.

Yes, we partner with Paypal Credit to provide flexible payment for your purchase. Please check out our Product Financing page for more information.

Yes, please consult with one of the sales representatives to get an account set up. Please note: company checks are accepted and will speed up your order. Please refer to our payment by check instructions above.


We offer a hassle free 30-day return policy.  If you find your product is defective within 30 days of purchase, we will replace it as soon as possible and cover all shipping costs to and from your location for the return and replacement with the exact same item. There may be additional return/exchange rules specific to manufacturer of the product you are purchasing. Please check out our return policy for more information. 

Please review our Return Policy. After you have reviewed the return policy, please fill out all fields in the “Returns Request Form”. Our customer service representatives will email you specific instructions and address to return your product.