bloomingbidet is the authorized dealer of the Blooming bidet seats and proud to carry all the Blooming bidet products by NCM.  NCM’s annual manufacturing capacity reaches 300,000 bidets and the bidets are being exported to Japan, US, Europe, South America, China, Southeast Asia and North Africa. You can be assured to enjoy the high quality and technologically advanced bidet seats in the Industry.

The Blooming NB-R1063 and NB-1163 bidet seat has an attractive low-profile design that fits almost any residential toilet - even the 1 piece toilets that have a French curve like the Kohler San Raphael (will not fit Kohler Rialto). On top of all the advanced features, with a Full 3 years manufacturing warranty, you can easily understand why the Blooming bidet seat is one of our customer’s favorite seats!

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Blooming NB-1163 Bidet

Blooming NB-1163 Premium Bidet with Side Panel

Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat

Blooming NB-R1063 Premium Bidet w/ Remote Control